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Client Testimonials

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“Linda is an exceptional teacher. Her enthusiastic, positively reinforced teaching methods as well as her thorough online explanations have positively impacted our son's education. She has a way of making Chemistry interesting and make sense to her students. When we see our children excel in an area we know there's been a dedicated teacher involved. Linda has been exactly that. She possesses stellar teaching abilities capable of engaging her students. She not only shows concern about her students’ ability to grasp chemistry but she shows an interest in them as individuals and the gifts they each have. Our son’s life has been enriched by Linda and for that we are grateful.”


- Chris M., Parent of 10th Grader, Boca Raton, FL

"Thank you so very much for all you do for my girl! She loves working with you, and I can't imagine where she would be without your help!" (Student tutored via online sessions twice per week for 6 months and grade showed marked improvement.)

- Carol M., Parent of Online Tutoring Student

"My son was struggling in Chemistry so we were referred to Linda.  Not only did my son's grades and confidence go up, but Linda genuinely takes an interest in your child's success.  She would call if she knew there was a test to see how he felt he did. She even contacted my son's teacher to be sure she was covering everything he needed to know for upcoming exams.  I highly recommend Linda and Chemistry Star Tutoring.

- Merryl A., Parent of 10th Grader, Boca Raton, FL

"Linda’s clear explanations and passion for chemistry encouraged me, and all of my classmates, to become excited by the course material. Her dedication to helping each student really helped me excel in chemistry in high school but also provided me a strong foundation to succeed in college chemistry."

- Alyson D., Former Student, New York, NY

Thank you to the former students and parents for providing such wonderful compliments about my tutoring services and strengths as a teacher. These beautiful quotes represent a small sampling of the many students I have tutored over the years, and their success is what drives me. I  urge you to sign up for a tutoring session to see what a difference it can make in your comprehension, your confidence and your grades.

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