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Everyone can be a 

               Chemistry Star!

At CHEMISTRY STAR we work with students one-on-one, in small groups, or online to provide the best learning environment to help students succeed not only in their chemistry classes but in ALL  CLASSES.

Chemistry Star Tutoring has tutored students at high schools and colleges over 4,000 miles from Alaska to Florida via our highly acclaimed remote sessions!


Sign up for a session now. Don't wait until the exam. So many students suffer unnecessarily through classes that they should be enjoying. Chemistry class could be intimidating but, with help from a caring and experienced tutor, you will be able to excel and even enjoy class. It has been proven that those who get help early on are able to keep up with class, smoothly progress to the next chapter, and participate more productively in labs. The individual guidance, additional practice and study tips have been shown to be instrumental in past students' success. In addition to thoroughly understanding the chemistry topics, your grades will increase and you will be a CHEMISTRY STAR!

Now we are offering help in other classes as well. Please refer to the list of classes supported.

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