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Services Offered


I have been offering my tutoring services for over 20 years with a very successful track record. I have tutored students in chemistry at both the high school and university levels. All of my students remark about their increased comprehension. This enhanced understanding, additional practice, and effort have resulted in marked upturn in their grades.

By explaining chemistry in different ways and working with the students, I am able to identify methods for them to understand the topics. It is very rewarding when the students can surprise themselves by doing well in chemistry, and it gives them the confidence to study and work harder in other areas as well.

​Whether it involves further explaining the topics covered in class, helping with homework and lab reports, providing more practice problems, or reviewing for tests, the supplemental instruction that I provide has a positive impact. The students I tutor have a greater ability to follow the teacher in class, and their test grades improve significantly.

In addition to Chemistry, I have worked with students in various subjects including environmental science (via FLVS), algebra, reading and writing, and general organizational and study skills. Regardless of the student's level or the particular subject matter, every student I have ever tutored feels more comfortable with the material after our sessions and has shown improvement in class. The only complaint I have ever heard is "I should have started these sessions sooner."


Middle School / High School:

  • Study Skills

  • Organizational Skills

  • Reading and Writing 

  • Daily/Weekly Homework Help

High School Classes Supported:

  • Chemistry

  • AP Chemistry

  • SAT Subject Test Prep

  • ACT Science Section

  • Homeschooling - Chemistry

  • Florida Virtual School (FLVS) - All Subjects


College Classes Supported: ​

  • Introduction to Chemistry

  • General Chemistry I

  • General Chemistry II

  • Organic Chemistry I 

  • Organic Chemistry II

  • Biochemistry I 

  • Chemistry Laboratory

  • HESI Test Preparation (Grammar, Vocabulary, Math, Science)

  • MCAT Preparation (Chemistry)


Appointments can be arranged for in person individual or small group instruction. Sessions can take place online via video-conferencing software from the comfort of your home.


Request an in-person appointment or a remote tutoring session by clicking here.


Group workshops can be arranged to cover topics, prepare for an exam, or offer practice sessions. Workshops will be offered and advertised throughout the year to brush up on topics. However, specific workshops can  be requested for groups ranging from two students to twenty students by clicking here.


Tutoring sessions can include:

  • One-on-one individualized instruction 

  • Provide prepared notes and handouts for topics to be covered

  • Use online visuals to engage students

  • Introduce topics to get ahead in class

  • Organize class notes and materials

  • Track assignments and assessments

  • Review homework problems

  • Assist with laboratory reports

  • Prepare for upcoming tests

  • Practice problems to ensure successful application

  • Provide additional at-home practice problems and study guides

  • Email copy of notes from the session 

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