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Special Covid-19 Announcement

What to expect for Chemistry in School Year 2020-2021
How did we get here?
What can you do?
How can we help?

We are living in difficult times. Many students found the end of the 2019-20 school year to be stressful being thrust into an unchartered online environment. As times remain uncertain, communities will continue to deal with this ongoing pandemic differently and depending on where you live may dictate your particular situation. Some students will return to school as “normal” with limitations; Others will be in a hybrid model attending school some days and remote learning on others; While others will be distance learning full time. Situations will change, plans will be fluid, and students will need to adapt. Whether you are in high school or college, you need to start putting in place the tools to help you thrive in what will certainly be a challenging school year. Fortunately, no matter your situation or where you live, I continue to offer remote tutoring services to help you succeed in your class.

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You can get help. You can succeed. You need to start now. Though the online environment may be new to many educators and students, I have been offering remote tutoring sessions for over years with high success. This experience has been an invaluable tool as I have been able to help high school students and college students excel in their chemistry classes. Since the pandemic caused schools to switch to distance learning, our sessions have been able to supplement the professor’s synchronous or asynchronous instruction and have helped the students excel that may have otherwise seen a decline in their comprehension, GPA, AP Scores, SAT Subject Test, Nursing exams, etc.  With the right tutor and regular sessions starting at the beginning of the semester, you can absolutely excel in your chemistry course. All of my students over the last 20 years have increased comprehension and grades with regular tutoring sessions. Read my reviews here.

Remote sessions work! Online tutoring is not new to me. It has been my method of services for a long time, and prior to the pandemic many students even preferred it over in-person sessions due to the flexibility and convenience. I offer one-on-one tutoring tailor made to your course. During our session, I will explain the topics in a way you will understand. We will work out problems from your homework (or I can supplement) to practice and make sure you are confident in the material being assessed by your teacher. We will review your labs. Reduce your time spent on assignments. Reduce your study time by having it explained in a way you understand. Reduce your stress. At the end of each session, I will send you a personal folder with notes from our session for you to be able to review, and I remain available for you to contact with questions. You will understand the material and you will succeed in the course.

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PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of students and tutors, Chemistry Star Tutoring is only offering services via remote learning sessions until further notice.
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